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Our Story

About us

I’ve been tattooing since 1999, that’s over 23 years of professional experience.

I have worked in many studios around Sydney and the Central Coast. I’ve also worked in guest spots overseas.

Our Vision

Starting my own studio is a dream come true. My vision is to create a comfortable, fun environment for people to come and get the highest quality tattoos.

Our Mission

The whole setup at Pearla Tattoo Randwick is something that suits the way that I like to work. That’s maximum comfort for myself to do the best work I can and of course, maximum comfort for the client.

“Making Australia Even More Beautiful One Tattoo At A Time.”

Brett Pearl - Tattoo Artist

What we do

TATTOO & art

Our studio is focused on doing custom, creative and beautiful work.

We like to hear what your vision is for your tattoo such as design, style, colour and placement.

We are highly skilled and will use our experience and professional opinion to help you choose a design that compliments your body.

Our experience is based on the fundamentals and traditions of tattooing.
Ultimately, we want you to have a tattoo that stands the test of time.

Why we do it

Art statements

We want to create a comfortable and relaxed place for artists to work so they can be at their peak creativity to do their best work.

We want to offer our clients a fun and professional place to come and get the best tattoo possible, and to really enjoy their experience.

We want to share our space with others that love tattoos as much as we do.

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